lampy drogowe

Portable hazard warning lamps

Type: LOD

  • Light source: PCB LED (7,5 cd), 30°
  • Power supply: 1 or 2 battery 4R25 (7,5 Ah), 6 V
  • Time of continuous operation: 625 hours (1 battery), 1250 hours (2 batteries)
  • Operating time: 50 days (1 battery), 100 days (2 batteries)
  • Optical system: single-sided or double-sided
  • Color of shade: yellow or red
  • Shade diameter: 185mm
  • Battery charge indicator: YES
  • Twilight switch: YES, is in the twilight lamp
  • Twilight regulation of flash: NO
  • Selection of operation (switching between night work and nonstop - day-and-night): ON ORDER
  • Selection of operation (switching between continuous operation and pulsating): ON ORDER
  • Stabilization of flash energy: NO
  • Handle: for mounting and for moving 


lampy drogowe

Type: LOD-S (day-and-night)

  • parameters as above
  • Difference: The lamp does not twilight switch, which means that the lamp is working around the clock. It  is for vehicles with have the ADR requirements (vehicles which transport dangerous goods).


Examples of the use of battery lamps::

  • on tubes and profiles
  • on the road barriers
  • on the U-21 beacons
  • for construction and scaffolding
  • on the road cones (additional handle)
  • directly on the roadway