fala bezprzewodowa2 Wireless lamps of wave


fala bezprzewodowa Wireless lamps of wave

Wireless lamps of wave

Type:  LFD RADIO-1-185

  • Light source: :
    LED PCB 2xLED ≈ 40 cd
    LED PCB  4xLED ≈ 80 cd
  • Lamp class:  L8G
  • Power supply: 1 or 2 battery 4R25, 6V
  • Operating time: 6-12 days (1 battery 7 Ah), 10-20 days (2 batteries 7 Ah)
  • Working mode: day/nigh
  • Optical system: 1-sided
  • Shade color: orange or red
  • Shade diameter: 185 mm
  • Dimensions of the lamp:  17x8x35 cm; 0,8 kg
  • Twilight flash control:  on order
  • Lamp synchronization: automatic
  • Backlight (in poor visibility conditions): automatic
  • Twilight light intensity regulation: day 100% / night 50%
  • Voltage measurement system: below 3.5V the set switches off
  • Type:
    LFD RADIO-1-185/2xLED
    LFD RADIO-1-185/4xLED
Running light wave:
  • install lamps according to needs, so as to form a wave
  • turn on the first lamp using ON/OFF switch (after approximately 1,5 seconds lamp starts flashing)
  • next turn on the second lamp of the set (lamp should flash alternately with the first lamp)
  • if the two lamps work together, turn on the third lamp and wait until it form a light wave
  • every next lamp we add to the set when already running lamps operate correctly
  • You can create a light wave from any number of lamps (after 10 lamp wave cycle is repeated, the eleventh lamp lights with the first lamp).
Coding of lamps (change radio channel):
  • turn off the lamp with the ON/OFF switch
  • press the coding button (located inside the lamp) and holding it turn on the lamp with the ON/OFF switch
  • after switching on the lamp, release the coding button (indicator light shows starting of the coding mode)
  • by pressing the coding button we set next channels from 2 to 9 (driver informs about the selected channel: 2 blinks - second channel, 3 blinks - the third channel etc.)
  • after coding, turn off the lamp with the ON/OFF switch
  • after turning off the lamp, proceed as in step "Running light wave"

DSC03694 500x473 Wireless lamps of waveDSC03730 500x443 Wireless lamps of wave

DSC03714 500x439 Wireless lamps of wave

DSC03686 126x200 Wireless lamps of wave


DSC03723 475x500 Wireless lamps of wave

Wireless lamps of wave ϕ 200

  • Power supply: 6V or 12V (12V - must have 2 batteries) 4R25 batteries (e.g. 5Ah, 7.5Ah or 50Ah)
  • Lamp dimensions: 170x80mm, height 350 mm, 0.8 kg / pc.
  • Shade active diameter: ϕ 200 mm
  • Shade color: orange or transparent
  • Source of light:
    LED PCB (4 power LEDs) with 48cd light, 120 °, 6V
    LED PCB (60x LED) with 1kcd light, 120 °, 12V
    LED PCB (96x LED) with 2.7kcd light, 120 °, 12V
  • Continuous operation time (one lamp):
    LED PCB 48 cd - 100 hours (1x5Ah), 150 hours (1x7,5Ah), 1000 hours (1x50Ah)
    LED PCB 48 cd - 200 hours (2x5Ah), 300 hours (2x7,5Ah), 2000 hours (2x50Ah)
    LED PCB (60x LED) - 70 hours (2x5Ah), 100 hours (2x7,5Ah), 800 hours (2x50Ah)
    LED PCB (96x LED) - 50 hours (2x5Ah), 70 hours (2x7,5Ah), 500 hours (2x50Ah)
  • Average current consumption (one lamp):
    LED PCB 48 cd - 0,08A, lamp class L8G
    LED PCB (60x LED) - 0,15A, lamp class L8M
    LED PCB (96x LED) - 0,25A, lamp class L8H
  • Optical system: one-sided
  • Battery charge indicator: is on
  • Twilight switch: on request
  • Lamp synchronization: automatic
  • Backlight (in poor visibility): automatic
  • Twilight light intensity regulation: day 100% / night 50%
  • Voltage measurement system: below 3.5V the set switches off
  • Type: LFD RADIO-1-200