Poland-headquartered Wektor, a manufacturer of warning equipment for road works, will be showing a wide range of products including battery lamps, warning lamps, road waves, traffic lights and road signs, as well as road boards on trailers.


Wektor says its products are made according to the standards PN.EN 12352:2010 and that the dynamic development of the company allows for constant widening of the range of products and services. Moreover, the company’s products are subject to warranty and post-warranty, with repairs carried out both at the client and the Wektor's headquarters. As the company points out, its design solutions, high-quality materials and precision workmanship allow it to produce exceptional products at competitive prices, straight from the manufacturer.


Wektor, formed in 1993 to specialise in the road sector, says its many years of experience allows for fast and comprehensive execution of orders. The company is also able to assist in the implementation of large road projects, advising and selecting the right road equipment. Indeed, Wektor, which treats each client individually, will modify its products to individual customer needs.



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