fala rozłączna 2 Wired separable lamps of wave fala rozłączna Wired separable lamps of wave

5x fala Wired separable lamps of wave


fale swietlne Wired separable lamps of wave

Wired separable lamps of wave

The wave is made of universal lamps wired together.

The universal lamp has a socket and a plug (on the cable to connect to another lamp)

Each lamp has a built-in driver. Such lamps can be combined in any order and quantity.

If one of the lamps is damaged, it can be removed and the rest of the set continues to work.


  • Power: 12V or 24V (recommended battery - 120 Ah)
  • Dimensions of the pulsator: Φ 210 mm, height 90 mm, weight 0,6 kg/pc.
  • Shade diameter: Φ 200 mm
  • Color of the lampshade: orange
  • Housing: red
  • Light source: LED PCB with increased light intensity with a special optical system that meets the parameters of lamp class L8L (light 250 cd) according to the standard PN.EN 12352:2010
  • Average power consumption (one lamp): LED PCB L8L - 0,2 A (12V) or 0,1 A (24V)
  • Lamp synchronization: automatic
  • Backlight (in poor visibility): automatic
  • Twilight regulation of lighting intensity: LED - day 100% / night  30%
  • Voltage measurement system: below 8,5V the set switches off
  • Type: LUFD-12V-200