sygnalizacja wahadłowa 2-komorowasygnalizacja wahadłowa 2-komorowa

Traffic lights

2-chamber Φ 200

  • Power: 12V or 24V (recommended battery - 120 Ah)
  • Shade diameter: Φ 200 mm
  • Shade color: red and green
  • Light source: light 500 cd (LED)
  • Average daily current consumption of one lamp (12h day mode, 12h night mode): 0.15A
  • Average daily power consumption of one lamp: 0.4A
  • Dimension of battery container: 24x52x24-33 cm
  • Twilight regulation of lighting intensity: LED - day 100% / night 30%
  • Type: SWTZ-2/200/D


Wireless alternating traffic control set is designed to control alternating traffic on narrowed sections of roads where driving two vehicles in both directions simultaneously is not possible.

The use of the traffic lights make:

  • Increased capacity and traffic flow
  • Safer traffic on the narrowed section of the road in case the other end is not visible or if there are other obstacles (slope, curve)
  • Reduced time of covering the narrowed section of the road



  • The signaller is resistant to mechanical damage. The protective tube around the lamps is both a protection and a handle.
  • The contrast screen is used to distinguish the siren from the background. It improves the visibility of shining lamps and thus - SAFETY.
  • Rotating the traffic light on the mast by 360 °, this facilitates proper positioning of the traffic light relative to oncoming vehicles.