sygnalizacja wahadłowa 4-komorowa

Traffic lights

4-chamber Φ 200

  • Power: 12V or 24V (recommended battery - 120 Ah)
  • Shade diameter: Φ 200 mm
  • Shade color: red, yellow and green
  • Light source: light 500 cd (LED)
  • Average daily current consumption of one lamp (12h day mode, 12h night mode): 0.15A
  • Average daily power consumption of one lamp: 0.4A
  • Dimension of battery container: 24x52x24-33 cm
  • Twilight regulation of lighting intensity: LED - day 100% / night 30%
  • Type: SWTZ-4/200/D


Wireless alternating traffic control set is designed to control alternating traffic on narrowed sections of roads where driving two vehicles in both directions simultaneously is not possible.