LOW 1 zolta1 200x300 Portable hazard warning lamps LOD SUPER FLASH


LOD 2 samochodowa1 200x300 Portable hazard warning lamps LOD SUPER FLASH

Portable hazard warning lamps


  • Light source: PCB LED (2x58 lm), 120°
  • Power supply: 1 or 2 battery 4R25 (7,5 Ah), 6 V
  • Time of continuous operation: 120 hours (1 battery), 250 hours (2 batteries)
  • Operating time: 6-12 days (1 battery), 10-20 days (2 batteries)
  • Optical system: single-sided or double-sided
  • Color of shade: yellow or red
  • Shade diameter: 185mm
  • Battery charge indicator: YES
  • Twilight switch: day-night lamp, the twilight lamp on order
  • Twilight regulation of flash: YES (100% day, 30% night)
  • Selection of operation (switching between night work and nonstop - day-and-night): ON ORDER
  • Selection of operation (switching between continuous operation and pulsating): ON ORDER
  • Stabilization of flash energy: YES
  • Handle: for mounting and for moving 


Examples of the use of battery lamps::

  • on tubes and profiles
  • on the road barriers
  • on the U-21 beacons
  • for construction and scaffolding
  • on the road cones (additional handle)
  • directly on the roadway