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Panel without system to rotate warning lamps

Panel with light arrow is designed for mounting on cars or other vehicles involved in securing the of road traffic. Panel warns and informs the road users about road works.

The panel is made of 15 lamps, having a diameter 200 mm. Lamps creating a light arrow to the right, to the left and cross. On the panel can also be mounted 2 warning lamps, having a diameter 300mm.
An additional option is the system to rotate the warning lamps, it rotate lamps so lamps are visible after closing the panel and can work (may light). Lack of rotate system makes that warning lamps are closed with an arrow.

An important piece of equipment is an actuator for lifting and lowering light arrow. Opening and closing the panel, also change the operating mode of lamps (arrow to the right, left or cross) can be controlled via the control panel or wireless remote control.

Galvanized steel construction with steel sheets - to protect against weather conditions and provides aerodynamic shape positive while driving.


Panel with light arrow ϕ 200

  • Light arrow L15 is built with 15 lamps with a shade diameter ɸ100
  • Power supply: 12V or 12V/24V (LED)
  • Shade diameter: ϕ 200 mm
  • Color of shade: orange
  • Light source: PCB LED with a light 1,7 kcd or halogen bulb 10W
  • Average current consumption (one lamp):
    LED 1,7 kcd - 0,3A (12V) or 0,1A (24V)
    HALOGEN - 0,4A (12V)
  • Type of lamps burning: continuously light (Halogen) or pulsating light (LED and Halogen)
  • Display modes: arrow to the left, arrow to the right, cross, no
  • Low battery indication: beep and visual
  • Twilight regulation of light intensity:
    LED: day 100% / night 30%
    Halogen: day 100% / night 70%
  • Dimensions: 1060x1060 [mm], 15kg
  • Construction: steel, galvanized, 1-piece
  • Type: ZKD-15-12V-0-200 or ZKH-15-12V-0-200


Set of warning lamps ϕ 300

  • Power supply: 12V or 24V (recommended battery with a capacity of min.120Ah)
  • Diameter of lamp: ϕ 360 mm, height 230 mm, 2 kg/pc.
  • Shade diameter: ϕ 300 mm
  • Color of shade: orange
  • Light source: 4 power LED with a light 20 kcd
  • Average current consumption (one lamp):
    PCB LED 20 kcd - 0,5A (12V) or 0,25A (24V)
  • Type of lamps burning (SIMULTANEOUS FLASH):
    pulsating light - LED - 1Hz, 60fl/min
  • Twilight regulation of light intensity:
    LED - day 100% / night 30%
  • Type: ZJD-1-12V-0-300/H